Rune Bech Liva Healthcare
Rune Bech / Liva Healthcare

Rune Bech is one of Europe’s “dotcom front-runners”. Already in 1998, he co-founded, the leading European health information portal. So far he had co-founded and sold three digital health companies in 21 years, with Liva being the latest venture.

Liva Healthcare is a leading provider of scalable digital health coaching in Europe, delivering human-centric coaching through an advanced app to help people prevent and manage obesity, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Liva is headquartered in Copenhagen and London and was founded in 2015 by the team behind the leading independent health information portal, In 2017, Liva was selected by NHS England as a partner to its world-leading National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

Liva’s award-winning app and programmes are used by primary healthcare, life science companies, insurance companies and public and private healthcare organisations across seven European countries and in Australia. Through Liva’s app, users have access to a real human health coach, designing a personalised lifestyle change programme based on individual needs. Anybody going through the programme will receive professional guidance, support, and empathy, to help them tackle or prevent chronic conditions through sustainable lifestyle and behaviour changes. With a programme’s duration from 3 to 18 months, participants can track their progress real-time via the Liva app and engage with a support group of peers to keep them motivated. Liva has proven to drive substantial clinical outcomes across all socio-economic backgrounds.

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