Odd-Sandbekkhaug,-CEO, Infiniwell
Odd Sandbekkhaug / Infiniwell

Odd Sandbekkhaug, CEO, Infiniwell.

Senior engineering leader with 25+ years of global experience in the high-tech industry. Sustained track record of creating high-performance development teams and programs, achieving 2x-3x business results compared to historical performance.

Key skills:

• Program and Project Management: budgeting, planning and execution
• Leadership of large-scale complex R&D programs across North America, Europe, India and Asia
• Comfortable working with and supporting C-suite in key initiatives; clear and effective communicator
• Technical hands-on experience with modern web technology, Artificial Intelligence, software architecture and realtime systems.
• Coaching-level expertise with lean and agile methodology
• Broad understanding of management theory, and how to effectively apply analysis and structured thinking to the discipline of management

Core interests: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Design Thinking, Human-Computer Interaction, Connected Devices (IoT), Product Design, Product Development Methodology, #Lean #Agile