David Vinson /

David was an early pioneer in the digital health space, bringing together market innovators, curating apps and other digital assets, and driving adoption of transformative digital health strategies.
David is the Founder and Chairman of DHX Group, a nonprofit organization focused on the acceleration of digital health innovation. Most recently, DHX Group, along with the AMA, AHA, and HIMSS, launched Xcertia, a new multi-stakeholder collaboration dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of mobile health applications (apps).
David also currently serves as Founder and CEO of SocialWellth, a leading digital health curation services company that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe curated digital health assets and deliver a human centered experience for consumers.
Prior to both DHX and SocialWellth, David held executive leadership positions including: Senior Vice President of the Payor Division at WebMD; Founder, President & CEO at Optate (acquired by WebMD); Co-Founder and Vice President at HealthMedia (acquired by Johnson & Johnson); Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan, and Senior Vice President at the University of Michigan Health System – MCARE. David has formed unique partnerships with key academic institutions that have dedicated considerable time and talent to the research, development, and testing of mHealth solutions. Through DHX and SocialWellth, David is helping to broaden the dialogue and research between market innovator beacons, centers of excellence and consumers, leading to an increase in effective development and adoption of next generation digital health strategies.
As a frequent speaker at industry forums and conferences for both healthcare and digital technologies, David is recognized as a well-respected transformational digital health strategist who provides passionate insights and a unique perspective on the convergence of mobile, social and micro insights to orchestrate consumer digital health experiences

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